Different Types of Wallet Inserts

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A wallet is a small, flat case used to carry personal items such as cards, money, credit cards, business cards, identification cards, and much more. Some people like many cards in their wallet but in order to avoid that bulky look, plastic wallet inserts are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. Following are some different types of inserts:

One popular style of wallet is the tri-fold which has three sections in which the first two come together and the third then wraps around them. Trifold wallet inserts are available with openings on either long or short sides, and the spine of the insert is inside the inmost fold. It is one of the most popular wallet configurations.

Another style is the bi-fold wallet which has two sides that fold together in a clamshell fashion. The inserts for the bi-fold wallet is held into the wallet by placing the flap of the insert vertically in one of the upper-most card pockets or it can rotated 90 degrees and inserted in the middle pocket. It is generally open on the short side where the opening for the inserts is on the middle side of the wallet in a landscape orientation.

The final common style is the hipster wallet, which has a very devoted following. The vinyl hipster wallet inserts are also known as staggered inserts because the pockets are stepped horizontally. This offers optimum visibility and accessibility for store gift cards, and reward cards.

There are other insert options that can be used on multiple styles like accordion inserts and wallet inserts for photos. These are used to hold cards in different configurations and allow for customization, creating a more decorative edge.

The best way to size your wallet insert is to measure your original insert. Take the measurement of dimensions and note the number of pages desired. Typically, a trifold wallet insert is good to hold credit cards and photo wallet inserts with slightly larger pockets is to store your dearest memories.

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