Keep it safe with Vinyl Passport Covers and Credit Card Inserts for Wallets

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Our vinyl passport cover and Credit Card Inserts for Wallets are made of durable vinyl and are made to stay functional for a long time to come. Infinite Plastics manufactures a vast range of products in vinyl that also includes covers like vinyl passport covers and Credit Card Inserts for Wallets.

Most of the people find it best to keep their important cards and documents in their purse, wallet or pocket for safekeeping. Many keep their important items like credit cards and drivers licenses in their wallets or loose in their purse. This can be problematic, as these cards can be scattered about and hard to keep track of. This problem can be solved with the use of a small credit card insert for your wallet or booklet to keep in your purse.

Why use vinyl passport covers? The vinyl covers are popular for their many perceptible qualities. These covers are fabricated with you in mind. Your passport will stay safe in our vinyl passport covers as the cover offers durable and stain free storage. It is also a cost effective and more robust solution as compared with the simple leather wallets made to carry passports. Even if it falls on a wet counter or there is a spill, you can wipe it clean and the contents inside will be free of damage.

Vinyl covers for credit cards: The vinyl covers are also an excellent choice for the Credit Card Inserts for Wallets. These inserts offer resistance to abrasion and damage from frequent use. Therefore, you can access your cards multiple times without the fear of damaging your insert. Even after multiple usage, the credit card and the insert remains intact with no signs of abrasion.

Infinite Plastics manufactures products of indisputable quality in range of vinyl passport covers and Credit Card Inserts for Wallets. These covers and inserts are long lasting, allow for clear visibility and accessibility and are cost effective. Once you put your cards or documents in the vinyl plastic covers you don’t have to worry about damaging or misplacing them.

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